Thursday, June 21, 2012

Local Link Round-Up

Sova by jsprig
Sova, a photo by jsprig on Flickr
Ever heard of Fever Bar and Lounge? Me neither, but the blog Sasha Does DC reports that they are operating out of the old HR-57 space (816 H Street). The owner is one Daryl Cohen (AKA DJ D Skillz). Apparently they play music from the 1970-90s.

Young and Hungry got tips from a Queen Vic (1206 H Street) staff member on how to roast marrow bones. The Hill dined at Boundary Road (414 H Street), while the Bitches Who Brunch sampled the offerings at the Argonaut (1433 H Street). DC Clubbing likes the frozen option at Little Miss Whiskey's (1104 H Street). Pleasures of the Table has some nice photos of Toki Underground (upstairs 1234 H Street). Young and Hungry visited the tiny ramen house for tips on how to best slurp the stuff. The Plate explains the deal with those tiny figurines you see at Toki. BTW, Toki was featured in Washingtonian's Cheap Eats. Also making appearances on the list of 100 spots were Ethiopic (401 H Street), and Shawafel (1322 H Street).


Robby Mann-Thompson said...

Save for Young and Hungry and Washingtonian's Cheap Eats who are the rest of these people. I'm really asking, as I'm not connected in all this social media stuff. So often I feel like I'm learning a new language.

Anonymous said...

My blog has gotten a lot of hits due to your mention. Thanks!