Monday, July 30, 2012

Found Dog

A reader writes in with news of a dog he found. Can you help the dog get back to his home? If so, email me at elise.bernard[at] and I will put you in touch with the guy who has him.

A group effort tracked him down on Capitol Hill as he was crossing streets. He's a cute little male dog, not neutered, and has a chain collar with no tags. photo-1


Anonymous said...

Huh? What kind of bizarre thing is that to say?

Anonymous said...

Did you check to see if he has a microchip? Most vets have scanners.

Anonymous said...

He's a pretty friendly guy. Obviously a high energy runner. He loves being pet and definitely is up for all the TLC he can get. I hope he finds his owner or new forever home very soon. -A

Anonymous said...

Please post this on "Lost & Found Dogs - DC Metro Area." Not only is that a good way to reach a broader audience, they are extremely knowledgeable and can tell you what steps you need to take to find the owner. Having found a couple dogs in this area in the last few years though, I'm familiar with the initial steps:

1. Check for microchip. I'm sure Atlas Vet on H Street would be happy to do this and to help check for other identifying marks.

2. File a found dog report with DC Animal Control (later, it is also helpful to take a photo of the dog to the shelter to post there). If you are able, I would recommend against actually taking the dog to the shelter in favor of caring for him yourself until you find the owner. As I learned the hard way with the first one I found, dogs do not have a long life at our DC shelter (only five days in most cases).

3. Make a Craigslist ad reporting a found dog and check reports of lost dogs.

4. Post the picture and description to the Facebook page "Lost & Found Dogs - DC Metro Area." Search that page for pictures and reports of lost dogs and advice and tips for finding owners.

5. Post flyers with photos locally and notify local vets (in our area, that would be Union Vet, Anacostia Animal Clinic, Humane Soc'y Clinic on L Street . . . there may be more up northeast-way that I'm not familiar with).

6. If you are able to keep the dog until you find the owner, the Humane Society has a walk-in clinic Tuesdays through Thursdays that does vaccinations and deworming at low cost.

7. There are a number of other websites and resources that you can tap into once you've covered these basics. Somewhere there is a heartbroken owner who will really appreciate whatever effort you can make to reunite them with their dog.

Anonymous said...

I went ahead and posted the picture to Lost & Found Dogs - DC Metro Area because I saw that it was not already up there. Feel free to add your own description or update.

Anonymous said...

Hey, good news! A friend of this dog's likely owner noticed the post on the Facebook page "Lost & Found Dogs - DC Metro Area." I will e-mail the owner's contact information (which is on the Facebook page) to the address listed here, but please get in touch with them directly if you can.