Sunday, July 22, 2012

Men's Fashion Warehouse to Close 10/31

Fate of a Salesman: TRAILER from Eidolon Films on Vimeo.

Prince of Petworth reports that Men's Fashion Warehouse will permanently close its doors on Halloween. Earlier this year some readers attended a documentary about the store, its owner, and its employees. The documentary is still a work in progress, but the reviews I read were positive. Hopefully we'll be able to see the full version on H Street sometime soon. Here's a description of the film from Eidolon Films' website:

Fate of a Salesman is an intimate portrait of a way of life on the verge of disappearing. In its 60th year of business, Men’s Fashion Center in Washington, DC has come to represent identity, legacy and redemption for salesmen Willie and Steve and owner Jerry. But business has crawled to a halt in the face of a tough economy and changing neighborhood, pushing the store to the brink of closure. Set amidst racks of pin-striped suits and feathered hats-- the clothing of a bygone era-- the men struggle to redefine themselves as the place with which they have long identified begins to vanish.


Alan Page said...

Good trailer.

Always assumed Mr. Caswell owned the store.

Sad to hear they're gone. Bought a few dress shirts there once.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to see them go. Sadly, I don't think they kept up with the changing demographics of the neighborhood. I would like to have a men's clothing store in the neighborhood that I could frequent, but the styles they offered -- as well those offered at George's Place -- were of no interest to me. Instead, yesterday I took the Metro downtown to shop at Macy's and TJMaxx. I would have much rather spent those dollars on H Street but again, the men's clothing stores don't offer styles that interest me.

heyktb said...

Although I would love to see more retail along the corridor, this shop seemed to me to be suspended in time. Were they unable or unwilling to address the changing demographics and the current trends in menswear by updating their inventory? I did go into this store when I first moved here to see if I could shop there for my husband. Sadly, there was little that was current, even for my 50 something man. Retail is business first and foremost. Being unable to compete for buyers by holding onto the
nostagic choices of a different time seems self defeating. I would have liked to spend my money in my neighborhood. I, sadly, also had to take the bus to Macy's to make my purchase.

Anonymous said...

wish more men still dressed in pinstripes and feathered hats, to be honest!

Anonymous said...

I find it depressing to hear that selling the clothing of a gentlemen is no longer sustainable. Graphic tees and sagging faded jeans have replaced the markings of class in a society sick with indolence. Maybe one day I'll have the pleasure of visiting a reopened mens fashion warehouse.

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