Monday, July 02, 2012

Tell Your Story: What Living/Working Here Means To Me


Hey guys, I have to be offline for nearly a week later this month (family thing), and I don't want to leave Frozen Tropics dormant that long. I thought this might be a cool opportunity to give you readers a chance to talk back in a way you don't normally do in the comments.

Here's the deal: email me (elise.bernard[at] something telling me about your experiences living in the neighborhood (or working here). Tell me why the area is special to you. No profanity, keep it friendly, no specific length limits. It would be great to have a photo (or more than one), but the photo does not need to be of you. I will choose several submissions and set them up to autopost while I am away. I will not post your name unless you say it is ok, but please give me your full name in the email. I'm played with the idea of doing something like this before, and if it goes well it could become a regular feature on Frozen Tropics. Here are some things that might be good to include in your potential post:
1. How long you have lived/worked around here;
2. What brought you to the neighborhood;
3. What you like/dislike about the area.

It could also be simply a story about an experience living/working here. Each of us has our own unique experience here, and I'm sure you have some interesting views/stories to share.

I should mention that someone will be checking in on the comments while I am away (so no funny stuff).

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Anonymous said...

It's a great idea, it looks promising on paper, but I hope the acting isn't as clunky as the trailer indicates.