Thursday, August 02, 2012

Found: Orange Kitten

An announcement (mostly reproduced below) of a found kitten went up on Craigslist last night. I'm reposting it here in the hopes that more local people will see this little guy. 5Fb5Hc5M83Gf3M53H7c81800ed9734fa61bd4
 Found tonight at about 9pm, young male orange kitten in a tree on Owen between Montello and West Virginia Ave. We got him down and are keeping him in a spare room. He has a collar but no identifying information for ownership. Very friendly, purrs like an engine! Also meows like CRAZY if you leave him alone -- he misses his family!

Male Kitten
Collar with three white stripes that run the whole way around

We'd really like to get him back to his owner and not bring him to the shelter. We can keep him for just a couple days.


Anonymous said...

I am contacting the craigslist poster directly and asking them to follow through, but this should also be posted on "Lost & Found Dogs - DC Metro Area." (See comments on earlier posting of lost dog.) I know it says dogs, but they have posters for missing cats, too.

Anonymous said...

And the rest of my earlier comment applies to cats, too -- i.e., get him checked for a microchip!

pat said...

sounds like you found a love kitten there.

We have one of those, they are very good company.