Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Friends of Joe Cole Launches Weekly Park Clean-Ups

The Friends of Joe Cole group has just launched a new weekly clean-up initiative. Once a week volunteers (no need to sign up, just show up) will meet in the park at 6:30pm on Thursdays. There you can work with others to pick up trash in Joe Cole Park, and otherwise help keep it looking its best. Friends of Joe Cole will provide trash bags, but it's never a bad idea to bring your own gloves. Joe Cole Park is located in the 1200 block of Morse Street, in the Trinidad neighborhood.


Hillman said...

Isn't park maintenance and cleanliness something we pay the massively bloated DPR folks to do?

With our very high taxes.

DC tax revenues have gone up over a billion dollars over the past couple years.

Yet we still have to have citizens go out and clean parks?


inked said...

Because people still throw trash, and a weekly clean up is an easy way to note any other problem issues we need to point out to DPR.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we pay people to take care of the parks but if it's my neighborhood, why wouldn't I want to help keep it clean and looking nice? Plus, it gets you out meeting your neighbrs.

diane on I said...

It was at that same park where some out of control youths were shooting pop bottle rockets at people in the park. One whizzed by my granddaughter and with that we left. I have a feeling that it these same fine young citizens that live across the street that are making the mess there. They should also be drafted to help with the cleanup.