Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Kraut Rocks Contest

I wrote about Kraut Rocks before, but now I'm writing to tell you about a cool contest that will land one lucky reader some very unique Kraut Rocks memorabilia.

Here's what's in a prize pack:
-Kraut Rocks T-shirt
-Kraut Rocks Stein -Kraut Rocks Coffee Mug
-Two Coupons for free bags of sauerkraut
-Kraut Rocks H-Street Restaurant Gift Card (That restaurant would TBD when we send out the prize back but it would be valued at $25) KrautRocks_Prizes_FrozenTropics
You can see items included in the prize packs here

Kraut Rocks is a Kraut Rocks is a month long, multi-sensory gastronomical experience hosted by Top Chef alum and Washington D.C. restauranteur Spike Mendelsohn. Mendelsohn has recruited a group of hot young chefs to help him promote cooking with sauer kraut. Three of those chefs are right here on H Street., and you can sample their dishes throughout the month of September. You can also get the recipes online.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post indicating which chef's dish you think should win, and then tweet a link to your comment (get that link by clicking on the time immediately after your comment). You also must use the hashtags #KrautRocks and #Frozentropics. The folks from Kraut Rocks will randomly choose the winning tweet.


Anonymous said...

Saurkraut eating contest at the festival!

Mark said...

Sauerkraut Scotch Egg

SunnyFloridaAve said...

Pork Loin Kraut by Chef Ian Reeve

Anonymous said...

Very bizarre promotion. So did the local chef(s) get paid by some saurkraut concern to promote kraut? Just seems like an odd promotion/cause- getting people to cook with kraut.

Anonymous said...

It looks like GLK Foods runs the website. They're a saurkraut manufacturer. So basically, kraut company gets a local chef to drum up media attention (free advertising) to promote the use of saurkraut? And the media/blogs went along with it, without disclosing who was behind it?

inked said...


Sorry to disappoint, but there's really no vast conspiracy here. It's all pretty much out in the open.

"Kraut Rocks is presented by the region’s leading sauerkraut brands, KRRRRISP Kraut and Silver Floss Sauerkraut, produced by GLK Foods, Inc."

That quote appears right there on the Kraut Rocks "About" page (linked to in my post). That IS disclosing it.

For what it's worth, I also see this as free advertising for three H Street chefs and the restaurants where they work. As some who enjoys cooking myself, I often like to build dishes around unusual ingredients bk I find it to be a fun challenge. I think the Toki creation sounds intriguing.

Streaker said...

Really like the onion soup.

Katy said...

Definitely the Pork Belly Lettuce Tacos! Go Isabella :-)