Monday, October 01, 2012

Found Engagement Ring at The Argonaut

RING_HEART by DeeJayTee23
RING_HEART, a photo by DeeJayTee23 on Flickr
The owner of the Argonaut Tavern informs me that staff found an engagement ring there a month or two ago, but no one has come forward to claim it. If you think it might be yours please email Scott at scottrmagnuson[at] with a photo, or a very detailed description of the ring.


Anonymous said...

Ew. Gold? And no diamond?

mikeytheshow said...

Wow, I was totally talking to someone recently who was depressed over having lost one at the Argonaut. Alas, I can't remember who it was. Post on the lists and surely they'll come forward.

MOBIUS 01 said...

interesting wonder whos it is, maybe its a sign that your going to fall in love soon, maybe the ring is meant for you

tiffanyc said...

maybe its not really lost...i work on h street and ive seen the end of a few relationships... LOL

Kimmy Barnes said...

Has the ring been returned to the owner? It would be a real shame if no one has come forward to claim it because engagement rings are certainly not cheap. What’s more is that there’s A LOT of sentimental value associated with this item. It’s just hard to let something like this go.