Friday, October 05, 2012

Lost Dog: Murray



Murray has been found, and is receiving medical treatment.


A reader sent in the following strage tale of a lost dog:

Please help find Murray, a dog lost in DC near H Street NE! If you can help put up flyers and search for Murray, please call or text 202-641-0955 or just come to 1012 1/2 6th St NE to pick up flyers.

On the morning of Friday, October 5th, I was walking my two dogs along with my friends' dog who I was dogsitting. A guy came along and as he was passing us on the sidewalk, yelled that Murray, my f...

riends' dog, bit him. He grabbed Murray's leash, then Murray pulled out of his collar and the guy started chasing him down the street.

After dropping my dogs inside my front door, I eventually caught up with the man, who had luckily not caught up with Murray, since he'd grabbed a long piece of metal trash he'd found on the sidewalk while in pursuit that he intended to use as a weapon on the dog. Once I caught up with him, he ended up assaulting me while screaming at me about the dog- dragging me around in the street by the arm and grabbing me in sexual places. I have filed a police report (and luckily the assault portion of the incident happened right near a police camera- plus he was stupid enough to leave the piece of metal with his fingerprints on it sitting on the ground so the police collected it as evidence).

But I don't care that much about the police finding him--- I want to find Murray. Please please please, if you're available to come help put up flyers and check all of the alleys in the neighborhood, call or text me at 202-641-0955. The sooner we get a bunch of flyers up, the sooner he'll be safe.

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Anonymous said...

Murray - try they make robo calls. try search dogs NOW google pure gold trackers or dogs finding dogs. you can send postcards

Anonymous said...

Murray was found, and is safe.