Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Missing: 15 Year old Joy Taplett

DC Police Department @DCPoliceDept
MISSING: 15-yo Joy Taplett, 1800 B/O Benning Rd, NE, on 9/21. Have info? Call Det. Spriggs at (202) 576-6768.


Annoyingmous said...

Missing for almost two weeks, and the lookout from the police just came out? Did it just now get reported? Or does the police normally sit on missing persons reports for a week or two before making an announcement?

Annoyingmous said...

Addendum -- I *thought* I saw on that announcement that it was issued today; but I must have been nuts, because I don't see it now. If it was issued a while ago, then my questions have no basis, so, uh, never mind.

inked said...

MPD was tweeting it today.