Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Car Barn/Streetcar Animations

If you are anything like me, you are probably suffering from post-election fatigue. So I'll offer up these animations of the streetcar and the car barn, and hopefully I'll be back up and running regularly tomorrow.
The car barn coming to Spingarn

This is the redesign that was intended to help it match Spingarn a little better in appearance. I don't find the building unattractive, but I also don't really think it meshes very well with Spingarn. The Washington City Paper had a pretty interesting article recently that I think people should read.

More info here.


V+ said...

I'd like to know how much they spent to produce those animations. I suspect it's a pretty high number.

Anonymous said...

honestly a lot of residents, including myself, don't care if it "meshes" well aesthetically with Spingarn / community. The trolley is past due and needs to up and running at this point. What an embarrassment of local government and community involvement. The city should be sending me a check every month this project is delayed as for years we have been sold on false promises.

Levi Rokey said...

A check every month that it's delayed? That's going to solve the problem? Holy entitlement.

Lets have some constructive talk here. I think them doing this is great. It's PR, something they have sorely needed, especially for that location and the placement of that car bar. It's proving many on the misconceptions and false statements about the system, while highlighting the positives and benefits. If more of this was done from the start it may have been up and running by now.

Lets not criticize their attempts to go about this the right way.

Levi Rokey said...

/\ Residents wanted to be informed and be a part of the discussion and this seems to me like a step in that right direction /\

4th and G said...

Ok, it looks great. Now just build it. And please don't make me listen to that music again.

wylie coyote said...

I think DC government should have promoted this animation heavily to the community surrounding Springarn *years* ago. A lot of opposition goes away when people feel like their input is wanted and that they're informed regarding what will be built in their community. I guarantee you loads of people would have been more comfortable with the car barn if they could have seen this years ago...heck, even before the tracks were laid. Instead of protesting, people would be complaining and saying "Where's that pretty new car barn DC promised us?". You think it's funny, but I've lived in this town long enough to know if DC promises anything and takes a few years to get it done, a sizable number of citizens will feel entitled to the job getting done.