Friday, November 09, 2012

More on The Mystery Body Near Gallaudet

MPD has released more details on the body found Wednesday at 1401 Brentwood Parkway (near Gallaudet and the Florida Market), and those details do not paint a pretty picture. At first, it looked like the death and fire might have both resulted from the crash.  Now WJLA is reporting that two teens (17 year old Joshua Mebane, and a juvenile female) have been arrested and face felony murder charges. The taxi driver apparently died from a single gunshot would to the head. That makes me wonder if this was either a robbery gone wrong, or an intentional robbery/murder.

WUSA9 says Mebane lived in Waldorf, MD.


pat said...

Pity, a 17 year old teen has most likely ruined his life

A man is dead, 2 are in jail

Anonymous said...

a pity? that two animals took the life of someone just trying to make a living because they were too damn lazy to work for the lousy dollars they took off of the corpse?
i feel no pity for these "teens". they killed this man in cold blood.
they should rot in jail but because one of the them is a "juvenile", chances are, she'll be out on the street at 18. watch out then. it's only a matter of time before she targets you or someone you love.

inked said...

Both suspects are juveniles, but both are being charged as adults with felony murder. There is no way the girl will be out by 18. Felony murder is very serious, and these two will likely go away for quite a while. Here's a copy of DC's sentencing guidelines for those who are interested.

And it looks like they failed to even take any money off the corpse. The whole situation is sickening, but I don't think it helps anyone to spew myths about the District's justice system (which isn't perfect, but it's nowhere close to what your comment suggests).

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to watch the above ABC 7 video after we know more about the story. Very quickly the media were speculating and implying it could be tied to drugs, loiterers, or even a homeless shelter. Taxi cab driver interviewed was the most sensible and least sensational of anyone, as he said "We cannot know until we have more information".