Monday, November 05, 2012

NC Beer & Grub Night at Boundary Road

new bar by philliefan99
new bar, a photo by philliefan99 on Flickr
A road trip to Raleigh Durham yielded a nice crop of beers not sold the DC area. Stop by

North Carolina Beer and Grub at Boundary Road (414 H Street)
Wednesday, November 14 at 5pm
18 Beers from 11 North Carolina Breweries -- All Unavailable to the DC Market
Carolina-Inspired Eats Prepared by Chef Brad

Full list of brews after the jump.
Limited quantities so get here early.... When the beer's gone the beer's gone!

Featuring beer from:
Natty Greene's
Big Boss
Mother Earth
Carolina Brewery
Olde Hickory


Anonymous said...

Just an FYI from a former Durhamite, current Hill resident ... Raleigh-Durham is the airport. There is no city called Raleigh Durham, there isn't even an area called such. They are two separate and very different cities. They happen to be next to each other and yet still have a vast stretch of highway to get from one to the other.

Anonymous said...

oh you mean like Baltimore-Washington?

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note: if you didn't get the beer through a DC-licensed distributor (i.e.: brought it back from a road trip yourself), it can't legally be served by a DC-licensed establishment. ABRA's gotten other places for doing that.

Anonymous said...

It's legal if you get a permit through ABRA. They allow beer not available through licensed distributors, but you have to pay taxes on it.