Thursday, November 08, 2012

ToT: Another Kathy Henderson Scandal?

Kathy Henderson (shown here stealing campaign signs in 2010). Image courtesy of Capital City Diner

Titan of Trinidad has some video that you will want to watch. The video shows Kather Henderson's behavior on election day, and documents allegations of electioneering beyond posted boundaries (and even within the polling place itself). You can also see her harass passersby, and berate an officer who responded from 911 calls made about Henderson. You can read more about Henderson's campaign antics in this Titan of Trinidad post (which includes a scan of a campaign flyer distributed by Henderson).

And the here's a story from the Washington Times about Henderson's election day exploits. From the article: 

Police responded repeatedly to the Browne Education Campus in Northeast after a series of confrontations involving ANC candidate Kathy Henderson, who is facing off against Mrs. Glymph in Ward 5.
“She started attacking people, running up to them and harassing them,” Mrs. Glymph and several others said, showing a video depicting Ms. Henderson walking towards a man who appeared to say, “Get away from me.”


CountChocula said...

it fascinates me to no end that people like her exist....

Tim said...

Any thoughts on what we should do to motivate DC officials to investigate this? Contact our ANC rep, our councilmember, Board of Elections? I assume all of the above, but if you have advice, I'd be happy to take it. This is disgusting. That woman is absolutely crazy. What world does she live in?

Orange Juice said...

My goodness get a life Inked.

inked said...

Just pulled a comment. Please refrain from calling commentors (or Kathy Henderson) offensive names.

Orange Juice,
Some of us care if the elected officials on our ANC are obstructionist and break the law.

poo knows henderson is mentally deficient said...

i feel sorry for the folks that live within the ANC that elected henderson. she clearly has issues and need some professional help.seriously.

very demonstrative of how a group of folks (likely without much education or care for the future of their neighborhood) will bow to the antics of a clearly crazy person.

i know her "reign" will end, one day. but, wow. just WOW!

just another good reason to get an education.

it's free in the district, but you have to attend classes...

that whole ANC is the joke of the district, but the folks that live within that ANC don't even realize it.

henderson is a relic.

man i feel bad for the people that live in that ANC.

BTW, what are educational credentials? not that it matters, but i'm curious.

poo ... said...

what are *her educational credentials?

what a sad case...

fatty said...

"Republican Alert!"

that part was pretty funny though.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what ddot's plan is for filling the giant cuts they made along Florida ave between 10th and 13th? Reminded me of driving down H.

Jaqen H'ghar said...

I live in ward 6 and I recognize this woman. She was very rude at a streetcar/car-barn meeting earlier this year. She interrupted/hijacked the DDOT presentation, yelling about "not being listen to".