Friday, December 28, 2012

Help Identify Persons of Interest in Jason Emma's Murder

Jason Anthony Emma 
Photo courtesy of Homicide Watch DC 

This is a little south of the area that I normally cover, but I wanted to share the following video because of the heinous nature of this particular crime. 28 year old Jason Emma had recently moved to Capitol Hill, and was living in a rowhouse. At 2:15am Christmas Eve MPD responded to a report of gunshots and a male slumped over the steering wheel of a car. Emma had been shot 13 times, and was dead by the time police arrived. The motive for this brutal murder was apparently robbery. It happened at 12th & C NE.

The Metropolitan Police Department currently offers a reward of up to $25,000 to anyone that provides information which leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons wanted for any homicide committed in the District of Columbia. 

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the police at (202) 727-9099. Additionally, anonymous information may be submitted to the department’s TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging 50411. 

 The video below is short, and you can't see much, but MPD is hoping someone might be able to identify the two men who appear in it.


k on k said...

omg. this poor kid. and his parents. omg. this most recent rash of very violent crime in our area is freaking me out. when this sort of senseless crime happens, perpetrated by thugs that deserve to fry for their efforts, i rethink and even regret my decision to leave the relative safety of the suburbs years ago. help me fall in love with our neighborhood again...please!

Tom A. said...

This is horrible. But are police confident this is a random act of violence? It seems unlikely, given that THIRTEEN bullets were used to kill someone sitting in a car.

JoshNE said...

I'm glad you asked the question, Tom A. Turns out rando peeps on this blog are highly connected with the MPD, and they have determined that this was all due to whatever unsavory behavior it is that you don't do. So you should feel pretty safe that this shit only happens to "them."

Anonymous said...

JoshNE is quite rude! Go get a life, dude.

poo poo said...

look for people that may have some connection to the block (perhaps even the house in front of where the murder occurred). the perps may be angry that "white people" are taking away their space... their homes... and they only know violence as a way of retribution. thus the 13 shots. perhaps one for each of the family members that shared a home nearby, that got foreclosed to a 'white person' they believe is taking away their way of life.

i want to catch these criminals.

i want some form of justice, even though justice is a misnomer.

there is no justice for this.

poo poo said...

also, joshNE is an idiot.

but i feel for the person.

i'll gladly pay for the individual to get a GED through correspondence courses.

that is all.

poo's caretaker said...

sorry, josh.

that was meant for the idiot to whom you responded.

my bad.

inked said...

I don't know why the victim was shot 13 times. Maybe the shooter was high. I had a cousin who was brutally beaten to death by a teenager he had met once. It turned out that the kid was angry about getting kicked out of a party. I'm told he killed someone else while he was locked up. So, sometimes, there is no rational answer. I just hope that they catch whoever killed this man.

poo said...

ugh. sorry to hear that, inked.

violence is so random. but (maybe i watch too many crime shows) usually there is some kind of link. somehow... some way...

i hope that DCMPD can work this out.

you'd have to be really high, on some kind of crazy drug to shoot someone 13 times while behind the wheel in a parked car. what drugs would provoke that? where are they sold? to whom are they sold?

sorry about your cousin.

and glad you are a voice of reason (apparently through experience) for our burgeoning neighborhood et large).

on another note (not to belittle this atrocity), how are the crazy million dollar homes coming along on your street?

i ride by every day, and have to reconcile the reality of the neighborhood with PoP's "old school signs" posts a block away....

DC is crazy....

inked said...

Why does one guy strip naked and eat another guy's face? I can't answer that either .

Real estate prices remain crazy.

O.K. Talleyrand said...

I was thinking about the murder of this man while I was reading a bedtime story to my 2 year old daughter.

So strange that just a few blocks from a violent gang style murder I am reading Aesop's tale of the Lion and the Mouse.

We really do live in a city with two extremes sharing a small area of space and the educated and law abiding citizens rub shoulders with thugs. This is the reality of my life. My wife and I wonder it we are tempting fate by continuing to live on 12th street, NE.

Shame on Tommy Wells for not taking a more active stance against random violence. Does anyone know anything that Tommy is doing to proactively fight street crime?

We attended a community meeting that he held with Chief Lanier just after the Maslin incident near Eastern Market. I was shocked at how passive and weak he appeared to be. I like Tommy Wells, but I sometimes think that we need a more engaged and tough representative on the city council.

Anonymous said...

Monsieur Talleyrand:

Tommy Wells was the ONLY council member who voted for Mayor Gray's recent bill aimed at putting more beat cops out on the streets. He's been working with the district commander to figure out what should be done in the short term. He's also just been named chair of the judiciary/public safety committee for the next council period.

What more would you have him do at this point? Aside from him putting on a cape and walking the streets as a masked vigilante, I mean.

Anonymous said...

It would have helped if Tommy Wells had noticed the number of armed holdups and assaults in NE before this murder. He seems to only react to things in SE Capitol Hill, and then he only has a meeting at the Naval Hospital.

poo said...

hey, inked.

(are you really inked?)

i don't want to spar, but the naked dude that ate a person's face had telling signs that he was a freak and needed supervision.

but no one gave a rat's arse.

we'll never get rid of senseless crime, and i don't advocate involuntary mental health asylum for apparently 'different' people, but ....

ugh. you're right. there is no answer.

i guess this particular crime resonates with me because i'm very much like the victim.

as such, i won't be roping teddy bears around the nearest light pole.

i'm going to speculate and do whatever i can to help catch the perps.

even if it's just intellectual.

poo said...


wells is a politician.

by definition, they serve a common denominator. they're not paid for their cajones.

their paid to please their client base.

their paid to get re-elected.

he does what he can, when he can, all while keeping his vanity in check.

don't look to him for anything monumental.

he's just another ding dong politician.

when he dies, no one will remember him.

poo said...

when he dies CAREER WISE. i don't want to perpetuate the whole notion of death. i just meant that when he's finally out of his little stint of public life, no one will give a rat's arse about him and whatever little he did. he's not a cog, he's the crappy oil you buy at wal mart to keep the engine running.

yeah, i guess he's kind of a loser.

sm said...

13 times??!? I really hope those who committed this heinous act will be caught. Nothing will bring back Jason, nor can justice fully be served in this case. But we definitely need to get whoever did it off the streets.

O.K. Talleyrand - It is a world of contradictions that we have in our neighborhoods. I sometimes feel the most welcomed where I live and feel quite safe, and other days I don't even want to walk home at night from Union Station.

inked said...

It's horrifying that someone could be killed in a robbery. No one deserves to die like that, but it is certainly very disturbing when someone dies like this just because he was (as it appears here) simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. It makes it feel like it could happen to any of us at any time. That's scary. I do think we have an unfortunate tendency around here to assume (before we know one way or the other) that most white victims were random, and most black victims were engaged in some activity (be it drugs, criminal activity, or an unfortunate domestic conflict). It isn't fair, or right, but that's often how many of us tend to think. That sucks, for multiple reasons.

inked said...

And then there is this from Langston Terrace:

"CP #507 CONFIRMED A Robbery Gun in the 2100 blk of I St., NE LOF: 3B/M, all wearing drk clothing, ski- masks armed w/ a shot gun DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911 W/EVENT #I20120651463

Sent on: 12/30 19:03"

Folks, if someone tries to rob you, give up your stuff. It's no guarantee, but it is a much safer bet. Your stuff can be replaced, you cannot. Sigh...

Robby Mann-Thompson said...

Any news of the capture of the killers of Raymond Harris or Nathaniel Beasley

Anonymous said...

We tend to think that way because it tends to be true far more often than not. It is what it is, whether or not it's politically correct, inked.

inked said...

I'm aware that the assumption is often correct. It just sucks a lot when it's wrong. And I've seen first hand that people make that assumption even when the victim is just a completely uninvolved kid.

Anonymous said...

Jason was one of my best friends, and I assure anyone who might have any theories as to some nefarious behavior on his part is completely off base. He didn't deserve this. Thank you To the writer of the blog for helping get he word out and getting more people to see the video. It's not much but it's something. I hope The police catch whoever did this. Because clearly, in shooting someone 13 times to rob them shows that tyre unstable and dangerous, and know that area well enough to shoot someone and make a get away. Stay safe everyone.

Anonymous said...

10:31 is right. read the DCMPD BOLOs...they ALL read BM. not WM but BM. it is a sad story but true none the less. racism, and sexism, is alive and well in our part of town as in others, but if it were not for these facts, these racist ideas would not be supported. i am more of a racist now than when i moved here years ago possessing naive ideals. i will cross the street late at night more often when i see a group of BMs vs. WMs approaching as will my black neighbors. they feel the same as i do so it is not a cultural difference. it is plain and simple fear. fear brought on by fact. these statements might elicit a ton of responses that i am a racist ass etc., but me the report of recent violet act committed in our neighborhood by a WM. or better yest, a woman!

sm said...

Anonymous 11:12

I am sorry for your loss. I can't imagine the anger and sadness you must feel.