Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Garden Holiday Pop-Up @

The Garden, which is slated to eventually open a brick and mortar location on H Street, is hosting a holiday pop-up shop on the 2nd floor of 1234 H Street. Details below:


Is That a Pop Up Shop or Are You Just Excited For the Holidays? The Garden is excited to announce our pop up shop for all of your naughty gifting needs. We will have a selection of high quality & body safe sex toys, pleasure objects and supplies to warm up your winter nights! Join us at 1234 H St. NE on the second floor for some cocktails from the bar while you shop from 2pm to 7pm on both Sunday the 16th and Sunday the 23rd (for you last minute shoppers out there!)


Anonymous said...

Isn't the 2nd floor or 1234 H St NE occupied by Toki Underground?

Weird that they didn't identify it as such.

inked said...

I'm guessing that it is because Toki is closed both of these days and they didn't want to cause confusion.

Anonymous said...

if i owned a restaurant, i'm not sure i'd find acceptable to have a dildo yard sale in my dining room. but what do i know.

Anonymous said...

to answer your question anonymous, not much.

Anonymous said...

What if something drips on the ramen?

Anonymous said...

Will they have poppers?