Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Water Outage on 12th Street

DC Alert:

DC Water reports a water outage on 12th St NE between I St NE and K St NE affecting 30 homes, 1 apartment building (10 units) and 2 hydrants for approximately 8 hours.

Sent by Renaud Scott to All DC HSEMA, DC Protective Services Police, Hazard- Fire, Hazards-Transportation Accidents, Hazards-Utility Outages, Mayor's Cabinet, MPD Homeland Security Task Force, OperationCenters, Public Safety, Senior Officials Notification, Traffic Management Center, UCCINFO, Ward 1 Groups, Ward 2 Groups, Ward 3 Groups, Ward 4 Groups, Ward 5 Groups, Ward 6 Groups, Ward 7 Groups, Ward 8 Groups, WASA (e-mail accounts, pagers, cell phones)

I'm assuming this is related to the new river that's been flowing down 12th Street for the past several days and seems to be coming from 913 12th Street which I believe is owned by the former Capitol Hill Oasis owner.

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