Friday, January 04, 2013

Batter Bowl Bakery is Open

Batter Bowl Bakery (403 H Street) is up and running. Batter Bowl Bakery is the new European style bakery from the owners of Ethiopic. Reader Ken Eisner was their first customer today and he sent in these photos, as well as the description below.

I was their first customer, in their soft launch today -- very excited to have a premium bakery and breakfast shop on the west side of H Street.  They begin serving breakfast and sandwiches on Tuesday.  There was a limited number of options today, and I ordered a tasty and well made Illy decaf cappuccino and a chocolate croissant that was flaky and delicious, reminiscent of something you'd find at an Amsterdam cafe as opposed to DC).  They also gave me a complimentary croissant that was much more decadent and rich on the interior, and they had hearty free sliced bread.  There were three staff people who waited on me, each excited to see their first customer and very kind and quick with service.

You can read more about the bakery in this post that I wrote last month (includes photos). Stop by for a fresh pastry, and a cup of Illy coffee.
IMG_5250 IMG_5249

 IMG_5252 IMG_5253


Shelly said...

Like on many of my wanderings about town with my Yorkie I popped into this cute local bakery. Who knew I would be its very second customer?

There was a cozy feeling and the servants behind the counter greeted me with warm inviting smiles.

To be sure I tried a croissant and a delicious French roast blended coffee. It helped warm my bones on this frigid day in the capital. Unfortunately there was no water bowl for my loyal companion. Satisfaction would not come for him until we arrived back home.

I'd rate this place a solid three Shelly stars. I'll return when the full menu is available and accommodations are made for our four legged beasties!

Anonymous said...

This shelly hoax is hilarious! Maybe a play on all those DC people suffering from entitlement issues?

emo said...

Hahaha, shelly funny

Anonymous said...

@Shelly - 3 stars out??

adam said...

The menu looks interesting and most of it looks priced about right for the area.

I would say sunny side and the fruit bowl are the only items that look overpriced.

Shelly said...

3 out of 5


Anonymous said...

But oh! The Spelling! Waffel? Tost? Sandwhich? Don't they have any American friends who can give them a quick proofread of their menu before it becomes set in stone? Or perhaps Shelly's Yorkie can assist...

J said...

Hours, please? Website?

Tom A. said...

wait- we now have Illy coffee on H Street?! I've died and gone to Italy!

I didn't think it was available commercially other than in one of their shops.

inked said...

That first link was supposed to go to their site (fixed now). I know they intend to be open for breakfast lunch and dinner, but I don't know their current hours.

Anonymous said...

I am sure most American are good spellers and well educated...right?
Your comments are pathetic, ignorant and bigoted.