Wednesday, January 23, 2013

District Cuisine: Thaaja Opens Today

District Cuisine reports that Thaaja Indian Food Bar (1335 2nd Street NE) opens today for lunch and dinner. Apparently, they have plans to start delivery at some point. Check out District Cuisine's preview post with photos.


Anonymous said...

Basically, Chipotle Indian Style. Overall good. However, they should try to keep the food warm all day. The room temperature taste is working against the great flavor.

abovepov said...

on a different topic, last night I walked by SOVA, and there was some signs. "Suspended: No Retail Sales Can Be Transacted"

inked said...

I've seen a picture of that sign and looked up the citation in the DC Code. It looks like someo0ne failed to file certain paperwork, or pay a fee on time. Sova says they hope to reopen in a couple of days.

emo said...

In the meantime, corner cafe has yummy pancakes! (and spicy homefries)