Tuesday, January 15, 2013

More on that Vincent Orange/Sam Wang Thing

Choi demolished the US Beef building in 2006, but failed to break ground on his planned development

The Titan of Trinidad has another post confirming that the mystery councilmember #1 who intervened on behalf of Sam Wang Produce was in fact also Vincent Orange. In that post the Titan also details contributions from Mr. Choi, and associated parties to V. O.'s campaign over the years. The Washington Post covers David Catania taking issue with V. O. directly interfering with the imminent temporary closure of Sam Wang for Department of Health violations.
Twitter was all abuzz over the mini-scandal, to which Councilmember Orange responded:
The Titan of Trinidad, who originally broke this story, hit back with:
Bad call on Vincent Orange to challenge the Titan to a bout? Maybe, because the Titan tweeted this later:
I haven't seen the proof yet, but I do recall that during the New Town stuff a very credible source told me that Choi's US Beef parcel, which is still vacant (and had been since he took possession years before), was not taxed at the vacant property rate (this was 2007/2008).

Maybe it does all go back to New Town. Seriously, that shit was crazy.


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what a bunch of scumbags

Derek said...

I came across a very nice link to use:


You put in the address and can look up specific documented information on the address / property.

Anonymous said...

aint nuthin but a orange sam wang thang baby, two DC thugs goang CRAZAY!!!

Really Vincent?...keep the rats alive...

poo said...

vincent is a pawn. he justifies his crap through religion.

he's con, and anyone with more than a high school education knows this.

in any other city, he'd be slinging crack.

guy's an idiot.

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Time to get the US Attorney on it.