Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Police Action at 9th & H

No details yet, but here's what is happening on Twitter.
To be clear, this is not the stabbing that @IAFF36 reported earlier (there was some confusion because the initial tweet contained a typo in the address). Here's the corrected tweet:
Well, correct in that the address is right. But the neighborhood is wrong. The stabbing occurred in Carver-Langston.


Anonymous said...

The tweet is probably referring to 9th and K NE, not H. There was a house fire - Big Al's place, with the year round yard sale. We've heard he was not injured, thank goodness!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, correction, there was police action at 9th and H, but there was also a fire last night at 9th and K, right across from where there was a fire this summer. We have an interesting street, for sure ;)

heyktb said...

albert is such a sweet guy. is his house (owned by his brother right?)still inhabitable? i hope he can still live there...he always brightens my day!

pat said...

Carver Langston is rough, lots of crime, violence, drugs.

it's probably the last holdout neighborhood of the old North East.

I figure it will all be gentrified after Trinidad.

Right now Trinidad is changing over fast, so you have C-L, Ivy City and brentwood as the last remains.

It will be driven by the last affordable housing going away in Trinidad and Hipsters will move east into C-L. Ivy City and Brentwood will be driven by different phenomena.