Tuesday, January 08, 2013

PSA 104 Meeting Tonight


Tuesday January 8th, 2012
Sherwood Recreation Center - 10th and G Sts NE
7:00 P.M.

This month we will concentrate our discussions on recent robberies in the neighborhood, including clusters of robberies around H Street and also around 13th and G/Maryland Ave. As always, members of MPD who patrol our neighborhood will be in attendance , and there will be time for you to bring up new concerns and hot spots.

Come join us for an open discussion on crime in our neighborhood, including recent arrests, crime trends, and what you can do to prevent and report crimes.
PSA meetings are an opportunity for community members to meet with MPD and other neighbors and businesses to share their concerns for public safety in our neighborhood. Note: PSA 104 was previously PSA 102.


MJ said...

I assume the Jason Emma xmas eve murder is going to be a topic of discussion? Seems odd that's not explicitly mentioned in the announcement when that's the deadliest & highest profile incident recently.

Anonymous said...

That did not occur in PSA 104

Anonymous said...

So we shouldn't be concerned about crimes in other PSAs? I have doubts that crooks consider these artificial boundaries when they rob and murder. It's not like Jason was murdered in Tenbucktwo.

poo said...

with that logic, we should probably include some of the neat developments happening in georgetown. oh, and their crime issues as well. oh! and some of the stuff going on in takoma too!

Anonymous said...

poo is an ass. i think the jason emma murder is an appropriate concern. what's a few damn blocks when people are getting shot in the head in their cars blocks from our houses? nobody is suggesting we should consider georgetown crime but the hill/hill north/hill east/trinidad... whatever... is still our hood.

104 said...

Did any of you even go to the meeting? It was discussed. It just wasn't on the agenda because there is going to be an entire meeting about it next week at Maury Elementary, attended by Chief Lanier and Tommy Wells.

Rather than hiding behind your computer and bitching about whether or not something is on an agenda of a meeting that is organized by volunteers, why don't you get off your @ss and contribute to the public safety of your community and go to PSA meetings, meet your local police officers, or join a neighborhood walk.