Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Queen Vic Welcomes Chef Michael E. Bonk

Here's that official press release I mentioned was coming:

It is with mixed emotions that on January 6th, The Queen Vic will be saying farewell to our Head Chef of 18 months, Ian Reeves.

Chef Reeves came to us at a time when we were in need of a talented chef to revamp our menu and take us to the next level – from just being a great pub to being a place where our guests could enjoy some delicious food along with a pint!  It goes without saying that he exceeded all our expectations.

He will be going on to explore and cultivate his Italian cooking skills at Red Rocks.  But having cultivated great friendships with our staff and regulars, he will definitely not be a stranger!

However, it is not all sad news for us. We are also welcoming Chef Michael E. Bonk (formerly Executive Chef at Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar) to our team.  Having experienced Chef Bonk’s delicious creations at Sonoma and firsthand when he “guest cheffed” at The Queen Vic earlier this year, we are excited and confident that he will be a tremendous asset to our team.

Though we will be staying true to our Pub menu concept, with a limited menu of traditional British dishes, you will see Chef Bonk’s stamp on our extensive daily chalkboard specials.  He will also be continuing The Queen Vic’s commitment to using local, seasonal produce and partnering with responsible farms in the region. We are confident that he will be honoring the legacy that Chef Reeves left behind, while adding his own special touches that have made him so well known in the DC food scene.

The Queen Vic will be hosting a “Farewell Ian” Party on Monday, January 7th at our upstairs bar from 10pm.  Everyone is welcome to stop by and say goodbye to Chef Reeves and to meet Chef Bonk.


Anonymous said...

Here's hoping they put a burger back on the menu.

heyktb said...

love the vic...always have, always will.

Anonymous said...

This message seems really nice, but I smell some DRAMA here!

Anonymous said...

Or he got an offer for more money. Not every thing has to be full of DRAMA.

SustainableDC said...

Hopefully, they will continue to keep us vegetarian patrons in mind, I have always been pleasantly surprised by the Queen Vic's offerings for us! If Sanoma is any indication, we are in for a treat. Looking forward to visiting soon!

Anonymous said...

Red Rocks is just a trendier Papa Johns.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the veg options. Also hope the amazing brunch stays amazing : )

chefbonk said...

Hello all. I'm excited to join the Queen Vic team and H street. I'm going to do my best to insure what everyone loves about the Queen Vic stays the same. My philosophy on food is pretty simple. Get really good ingredients and treat them respect and care. Please stop by and say hello to me and hopefully try some food. On another note. Those tracks on H Street aren't friendly to bike tires. You may of seen me crash today. :) Michael E. Bonk

O.K. Talleyrand said...

Chef Mike,

My wife and I have enjoyed several meals at Queen Vic and we've been very impressed with high quality, well prepared, and quite good food.

We'll be checking in to try some of your dishes. Thanks for coming over to H Street.

All the Best,