Sunday, March 10, 2013

Non-Fatal Shooting on H Street Last Night

Reader photo left in the comments by Jamie

A man was shot in the leg last night and was located in the 1000 block of H Street. The shooting occurred a little before 10pm (at least that's when I got the first report of shots fired). The reports I got from readers suggested the shooting happened around 11th & H, but the Washington Post places the action at 8th & H (of course, the Post also reports that it happened at 11pm, and that is clearly not the case). I will note that H Street was shut down between 12th and 10th, so I would tend to trust Twitter over the Washington Post on this one.

MPD sent out an informational email while I was writing this post. Here's the deal:

On Saturday night at about 9:45 PM First District units responded to 11th and H Streets NE for a reported shooting. Upon their arrival, officers located a victim who had been shot once in the leg and reported that the incident occurred in the 800 block of 11th Street NE. No description of an assailant was provided.
There is no indication that the incident is connected to an area establishment at this time. 

Just to clarify, the 800 block of 11th Street is H and immediately north. Check out some of the Twitter reports, and a couple more of Jamie's photos, after the jump.
Photo by Jamie 

Photo by Jamie


Anonymous said...

Hmm...unusual for right on H st. Usually this type if thing happens on Bladensburg, in Trinidad, or Kingman Park.

Sancho said...

this area is becoming almost as unsafe as NW.

Anonymous said...

As soon as the weather turns warm the animals come out. I have been living off the H Street corridor for 8+ years and, despite all the progress, H Street still remains a dangerous place to live. Please stay safe.

Anonymous said...

We need the type of police presence Chinatown gets on Friday and Saturday nights. We are not quite a tourist mecca but...

Anonymous said...

umm, do you even look at the H st. area at that time of night? the police presence is as strong as any other area in dc. maybe we just need to be more aware of our surroundings.

pat said...

is there a scenario for this and the other shootings?

We have had several shootings in the last 18 months, 2 were robberies gone bad, and one off of florida appears to be gang members settling scores, but,
any idea what went on here?

Psuedonymous Bosch said...

"As soon as the weather turns warm the animals come out."

You mean to say, of course, that as soon as the weather gets warm, people start trotting out their tired and unscientific theories about how warm weather influences criminals.

dcdouglas said...

@Anonymous (the first one) suggested that this sort of thing happens at Kingman Park.

I happen to live on Kingman Park and haven't exactly heard bullets being fired there.

Perhaps you're suggesting the neighborhood, "Kingman Park" instead of the park itself. Your list of "on Bladensburg, in Trinidad, or Kingman Park" mixes streets with neighborhoods and adds to the confusion.

The only time I hear loud pops occurring actually in Kingman Park is during July when fireworks are abundant.

Donald Trump said...

As long as it wasn't fatal, shouldn't affect our property values !

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is that kingman park park and neighborhood are dangerous.