Sunday, March 03, 2013

Now and Then...

I wanted to direct people's attention to these great local photos collected on the blog The Ruined Capitol. I'm quite sure you will have seen many of these before, but some might be new to you. I can't wait for the Vanished phone app that is coming out this summer.

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IMGoph said...

There are a few problems with that website, though. The guy who runs it is lazy, relying on Google Street View to supply most of his "now" images, instead of going out and actually researching spots on the ground. It's lead to many instances of mistakes where he's been off by blocks, and declared buildings "vanished" that are actually still there.

I reported (respectfully) mistakes in his comments for a time, but he ultimately blocked me. I assume he got tired of being called out for being fast and loose with the facts.

His "total followers" count at the bottom is bunk as well. It's a hit counter. Most likely many of those "followers" are the same people viewing the site time and again.