Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Vigil Tonight For Ruby Whitfield

New Samaritan Baptist Church (1100 Florida Ave)  is hosting a public Prayer and Awareness Vigil on behalf of Mrs. Ruby Whitfield, who was killed by a speeding drunk driver as she stood in the crosswalk after leaving a church meeting last week. Mrs. Whitfield was a faithful and active member of New Samaritan for decades. The vigil is tonight at 7pm.

Here's a brief excerpt from a statement they released:

Our goal is to honor her memory and raise awareness of the issues that resulted in her death such as Drunk Driving, Speeding and the need for immediate "Traffic Calming" on the Florida Avenue N.E. within Wards 5 & 6.

We ask that you share the plan for this Vigil with your neighbors and Fellowship Organizations, as we are Communities coming together with Compassion, Conviction and Connection to advocate on an issue that affect the Quality of Life for Humanity.

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