Thursday, April 11, 2013

Forbes on Trinidad's ConnerSmith Gallery

ConnerSmith recently got a new paint job

Forbes recently ran an article entitled How ConnerSmith Gallery is Turning Washington, D.C. Into Capital of Contemporary Art. From the piece:

Washington’s progress is palpable – and much of it is owed to ConnerSmith, a gallery that views the city’s stature in contemporary art as a primary business objective. 

ConnerSmith is located at 1358 Florida Ave.


Poo poo said...


inked said...

Hey guys,
you know what is not remotely cool? Going on a blog and anonymously calling a a specific person names, and attacking them. If you have a problem with a business owner, address it with that person. If that fails, talk to the relevant District agencies, or your ANC. Coming on here and posting that mess just means I have to pull your comment, and you look like a coward.

Anonymous said...

Hope that the attack wasn't on Jamie or Leigh because they are terrific folks. Even though I can not afford the art in their gallery, they always make me feel welcome to check out the art.

That whole cluster of galleries on Florida has been a beautiful jewel for Trinidad and H Street.

wylie coyote said...

+1 on ConnerSmith being very welcoming to people of all income levels. I asked once how much a painting was once at their gallery. Found out it's true what they say about "if you have to ask..." but they didn't make me feel bad about it. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Connor smith owners are known to be snobbish about entertaining emerging artists. An artist friend of mine wanted to submit his portfolio and they outright refused to even view it saying, "We don't want artists to approach us. We seek out artists that we feel are worthy".
I have been to quite a few of their openings and a gutted out chassis of a car isn't exactly ground breaking work of art in my opinion. It's been done a million times before.