Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Housing Complex: Capitol Hill Oasis Update


Housing Complex has the latest on the bewildering Capitol Hill Oasis construction project at 12th & K. I was over there a couple of days ago and they were excavating in front of the buildings. They are constructing a new retaining wall, and apparently have to also rerun some utilities. Oh, and the rear entrances are being eliminated. As a reader mentioned, they have partially filled in the hole they had dug to build condos in the alley (because the first project worked so well), but I was was told they the condo plan might be back on. Honestly, nothing would surprise me about this development anymore.


Alan Page said...

I don't have constructive ideas regarding how to deal with this eyesore. Someone please suggest *something*.

Who on earth will buy those large Lego-styled houses? The attention to "quality" on the exterior makes me afraid to see whatever is in the interior.

If there were ever a case for eminent domain in the face of a private sector "major fail", this is it and I oppose the concept of eminent domain, generally, in about every other context.


pat said...

Who wants to buy 8 year old poorly built, poorly rebuilt condos?

It's a pity, but the place is likely a total writeoff.