Monday, April 01, 2013

Local Celebs Compete in “Survivor: H Street”

This post was part of an April Fools Day joke.   

Teddy Folkman like his chances in the competition. Photo by Shaaren Pine

As all Washingtonians are painfully aware, the media never seems to get enough of H Street and its many splendored personalities.  The spotlight will continue to glare on Northeast this Autumn as CBS has announced its Fall television line-up.  Survivor: “Keeping it Sort of Real on H Street” will run for 12 episodes starting September 10th.  Toki Chef Erik Bruner-Yang, Granville Moore’s Teddy Folkman, Atlas Theatre Poo-Bah, and H Street Festival Chaos Coordinator Julia Robey Christian star for “Team Gentrify.”  H Street Main Street’s Anwar Saleem, West End developer David Bernhardt, and Biergarten House’s Oompa Band “Ziggy & Ali” lead “Team Old School.”

Challenges include a discarded hair weave, an ironic beer can obstacle course, an endurance test of who can withstand the most verbal abuse while riding the X2, and a test to see if any one team member can eat an entire order of Horace and Dickie’s white fish dinner all in a sitting.

“I am my own island,” said ramen noodle king Bruner-Yang,  “I can’t see being voted off.”
“I came to America stuffed inside a sausage casing aboard a butcher shop ship,” said Ziggy.  “Our team will not be denied.  Americans are soft.  Team Old School in the house.”

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old schooler said...

Team Old School should have been Mr. Caswell from George's Men's Shop, Anwar Saleem, Mr. Hillman from Hillman and Sons barber shop and the 70 year old barber from Smokey's (forgot his name but he gives a good cut!).