Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Local News Round Up


Thrillist and the Washington Post highlight the new roof deck at the H Street Country Club (1335 H Street). I saw it a few weeks ago (before they had added the bar top), and it is a very nice space.  The blog Liberty on Less has some nice photos of a night out inside the bar. The H Street Country Club also made the Washingtonian's list of Great Bars 2013. Other H Street spots on the list include: the Argonaut, Atlas Arcade & Church & State, Little Miss Whiskey's, Rock & Roll Hotel, Granville Moore's, and Biergarten Haus.

The blog Girly Bites writes up Dangerously Delicious Pies (1339 H Street). The Washington Business Journal reports that the new organic market coming to 806 H Street will also be a bakery. The Washington Post ran an interesting story on Toki Underground's (2nd floor of 1234 H Street) Erik Bruner-Yang and his plans for the future.

On the other end of the Corridor, the new Giant should be open soon, but they had a small problem with their signage.

I would also highly recommend that you check out this piece in the Washington Post about the revival of the H Street Corridor.


Anonymous said...

Anyone know what's up with the lane closures in front of the Giant?

Anonymous said...

I think it might have to do with the resumed work on the tracks for the streetcar project. They are building the turn-around. To be completed mid-June, if I'm not mistaken?

alizadk said...

From ANC-6a's list-serv this morning:

From http://www.dcstreetcar.com/

DC Streetcar Construction Update: Significant Impacts April 1 – mid-June
H Street, NE from the Top of the Hopscotch Bridge to 4th Street, NE

(Washington, DC) Construction work along H Street/Benning Road to ready the corridor for DC Streetcar continues. Phase 1 of the Western Turnaround work is set to begin on Monday, April 1 and continue through mid-June. The Western Turnaround refers to the extension of the streetcar tracks from 3rd Street, NE to the top of the Hopscotch Bridge. Elements include construction of a streetcar platform where passengers may board or leave the streetcars with access to Union Station and tracks to allow the streetcar to reverse course and proceed eastbound through the corridor.
Traffic and parking restrictions and changes are as follows:
• I Street, currently one-way east, will be made two-way from 3rd Street to 5th Street, continuing until October.
• The 800 block of 3rd Street, between H and I Streets, will be restricted to local traffic only. Entrance to and exit from this block of 3rd Street will be at I Street only.
• The 700 block of 3rd Street, between G and H Streets, also will be restricted to local traffic only. Entrance to and exit from this block of 3rd Street will be at G Street only.
• Parking will be temporarily removed on 3rd Street between H and I Streets, except for spaces in front of the residences on the northeast portion of 3rd Street near I Street.
• No turns onto 3rd Street will be permitted from H Street.
As alternatives, motorists are encouraged to use 4th Street, which is one-way south, or 5th Street, which is two-way, to reach streets north and south of H Street to proceed to 3rd Street and other points west.
• Parking will be temporarily removed on H Street between 4th Street and the Hopscotch Bridge, eastbound and westbound.
• The Kaiser Permanente building and the Union Station loading dock will be right-in, right-out only. This is a permanent change.
Advance warning signs will be posted. The schedule is subject to change due to weather, material and equipment availability and other unforeseen conditions.
DDOT encourages all motorists to Stay Alert and follow all signs as they travel through this corridor.
More detailed construction related notices, including specific dates and locations, are available by request. Please send an email to construction@dcstreetcar.com and indicate you wish to receive H/Benning updates.

Anonymous said...

This is a good article on H Street restaurants: