Friday, April 05, 2013

Stick Pony Races at H Street Country Club Sunday

Catch the action 1-5pm this Sunday at the H Street Country Club (1335 H Street NE). It's for a good cause. Proceeds from the race go to the Perry Center.

Perry Center, Inc. and H Street Country Club present D.C.’s first ever Stick Pony Competition. Created off of the momentum leading up to the Perry Center's annual Kentucky Derby Party on May 4th, 2013, the Stick Pony Race offers our friends and guests a chance at a little healthy competition as well as a sneak peak into this years Kentucky Derby Party. ​ ​Participants (we've already passed the registration deadline) are encouraged to arrive early to decorate their stick ponies and enjoy drink specials. ​ Must be 21 years or older. ​​ ​

Drink Specials: $2.5 Miller High Life Ponies // $5 Classic Margaritas // $5 Mint Juleps // $4 Blue Moon Beer. ​​

PRIZES: Tickets to the 5th Annual Kentucky Derby Party // Recognition throughout the ages + more!

It sounds like there will also be a rooftop cornhole competition going on that afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Stick pony races, pillow fights, dress-up bike rides, organized snowball fights...there was a lot of talk a few years ago about the infantalization of youth culture in Asia a few years back (hello kitty everything, love of pokemon, etc.).

It seems that the same thing is now happening right here in the good old US of A. Doesn't anyone want to be a grown up anymore?

MJ said...

What is this "stick pony" nonsense? That's a cock-horse and has been for nigh on 200 years.

poo poo said...

i wanna be a grown up! i wanna be a grown up! i wanna be a grown up, and i wanna be one now! NOW! i wanna be one NOW! NOOOOWWWW!

Anonymous said...

Um, anyone calling himself "poo poo" perhaps has a little farther to go than the rest of us...