Monday, April 22, 2013

What is Going on at Capitol Hill Oasis?


There appears to me some heavy action going on at the Capitol Hill Oasis (12th & K Street). The site went into foreclosure quite a while back. The project has a long, and not so glorious, history. It went up for auction at some point, and appears to now be owned by the bank. For over six years the owners blocked the sidewalks, forcing pedestrians into the street.

They recently removed the rear metal staircases, replacing them with (what appears to be wooden) ramps. Today they began heavy drilling to break up concrete. I have heard a rumor from a neighbor that the foundation was improperly poured, and the structures are now sinking. No confirmation on that report.


oasis_be_gone said...

Let's not forget they are also filling in the big hole in the rear. Hopefully that means we can reclaim the alley that has been hijacked for years due to this project gone way wrong. I recommend while they are down there drilling up the concrete foundation, they lay a few sticks of dynamite and put this entire worthless project out of it's misery once and for all.

Alan Page said...

It's time for a developer of EYA caliber to take over that project...demolish it all and start from scratch. I'd personally contribute funds to such a cause. Where are the Fundrise founders when we need them? Ha.

tonysmallframe said...

Direct from the new owner (bank) - Premier Bank, Orcev said, is obtaining building permits to finish the project. A new team of contractors, he said, will have to redo some of the work already completed because “the craftsmanship is terrible.” Their to-do list, he said, includes repairing leaking roofs and cracked walls and rebuilding the foundation for the condos because “it was not properly installed.”

The bank, he said, does not expect to make a profit.

“At this point,” he said, “we just want to recover what we can.” Once they get the construction permits, he said, “I can promise you it will be done in six months and people will be happy.”

From an old post article.

Emily A McPherson said...
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pat said...

That project has been snakebit since the beginning.

I think there is a sad novel in this.

diane said...

The original building that was in that location was vacant and not that bad an eyesore. If they had only completely gutted that structure made any necessary foundation upgrades and then redid the entire interior, IMHO it was have been better than what is there now. I actually watched a crane lower each level in place as a unit. That means that those were not constructed on-site but in a warehouse then stuck together...with nothing more than probably some superglue.