Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Local News Round Up

The recent Mumbo Sauce exhibit at 906 H Street. More photos here.

Fundrise recently launched its newest project, and it's off to a great start. So far they have raises $127,500 of their $350,000 goal for 906 H Street. The Washington Business Journal and the Washington Post have written about Fundrise recently.

District Chronicles has a story on Inspire Bar-B-Q (650 H Street), and the restaurant's youth job training.

Local blog Bitches Who Brunch enjoyed brunch at Le Grenier (502 H Street).

1 comment:

Robert Mann-Thompson said...

Pardon, but I don't understand what the money's being raised for. Is it to buy shares in a business that may open? I read it, I'm fairly smart, but not sure what this is and why Fundraise which I thought was about do-gooder ventures is involved.

And I kinda find the title Mumbo sauce insulting. Those of us who were born here, lived here for a long time or just moved in, don't all live around carry-outs. It seems to play into some stereotype that can be dangerous.