Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Midnight on Mars

During a recent chat with Avery Leake of Avery's on H Street he mentioned a little fun run happening Friday May 24th called Midnight on Mars. The run is free, just sign up online. The snazzy glow in the dark Dri-fit t-shirts are $10.

Running in DC will never be the same. We decided that in celebration of warm weather, healthy lifestyle, and a celebration of another year on this precious earth to organize a run. Not your typcial run, but a run to remember. We hit the streets of DC every weekend especially every friday night after a long week of work and hit up a happy hour or two to bring in the weekend right. So we thought for Matt's birthday(@marsgreen) we should switch things up. Instead of bar hopping into the late night we should lace up our running shoes and run through the streets of H st at midnight to bring in another year of life by promoting a healthier lifestyle.......and then....TURN UP! In collaboration with CheiFitness, MarsGreen, and Avery's on H st we present "Midnight on Mars: 3miler". Join us for a spirited 3 mile midnight run through the H st corridor, promoting a healthy lifestyle and celebrating life with like-minded individuals.You don't have to be an avid runner to participate. If you don't see yourself running you can always cheer us on and get the party started at Avery's on H st with us before and after the run.

We will provide a small bag check area for personals, water, light amount of food, headlamps, and reflective tape. 

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