Friday, May 24, 2013

The Elroy Opens Tomorrow

The Elroy, the futuristic bar coming to 1423 H Street, announced via Twitter that it will open its doors tomorrow. Young & Hungry had a column on the Elroy concept a while back.


pat said...

we went to the Elroy for drinks.
It's got promise, a cute little upstairs bar, a nice patio out back and a small bar up front.

The trim work still needs some finishing but, it's all
stuff they can finish.

The drinks menu and food menu are incomplete and they have to work out the kinks and get the staff trained, but, I think it will make a nice little watering hole.

SoulSearch said...

I went to The Elroy on Saturday. I think I will make a great addition to H Street corridor. While, they have some kinks to workout, such as completing the menu and drink list, I think that The Elroy will uplift that block. Since the hours are 4-3 am, it will make a great happy hour spot and a great spot after a concert at Atlas. The owner is super cool and takes a great deal of pride in his business. Good luck and welcome to H Street!

Tom A. said...

are they really going to open at 4? That's great! The website says the hours are 11pm - 3am!