Friday, June 21, 2013

HR-57 Rolls Out New Caribbean Menu Sunday

I saw a tweet about El Caribe at HR-57, and wasn't sure if that was a band, a pop-up food event, or what. It turns out to be HR-57's introduction of a new Caribbean menu. The announcement from their website appears below, along with a few details I obtained over the phone .

El Caribe

An ideal place to enjoy Caribbean cuisine, traditional and modern in a relaxed atmosphere that will take "you to the Caribbean and back"

Come and taste a piece of the Caribbean

We will be presenting our "Timbitas" which are the tapas of the Caribbean. Our timbitas are a celebration of our melting pot of flavors featured in bite size portions encompassing our various distinct complements and contrasting flavors.

"Check out our "Timbitas"  along with live music and our new tropical bar menu"

Sunday 23, 2013
5pm - 8pm

While there will be live music for this event, the focus is actually on the launch of HR-57's new menu. This new Caribbean fare will now be available on a regular basis. I was also informed over the phone that they will be serving Cuban sandwiches made by an actual Cuban. Fans of the soul food and the waffles that they currently serve need not fret. This new menu supplements, rather than replaces, the existing one.


Anonymous said...

I will not support this place until the owner does something with the facade of his building. I find it disrespectful that the owner has left the exterior facade looking cheap and old. It's not fair to the rest of the businesses and homeowners in this area that have put forth so much effort to revitalize H St.

inked said...

They completely remade the facade. They have large windows that are open to the street most nights. Are you sure you are thinking about the correct building (1007 H Street)?

Anonymous said...

Yes I have the right address. Every time I pass by I take note of the painted plywood and remnants of the old building that were simply painted over (and not well). Inside looks great...I just wish he would have spent some money on the outside to match what the other business on the street are doing.

skinny said...

Anonymous 8:57, get over yourself. The new HR-57 building looks much better than what was there before, and I'd say he's doing more than most of us to revitalize H St (and 14th St. NW before that).

What does "vital" mean to you, anyway? Should every place be Smith Commons? Nothing wrong with them, but I also welcome a rare friendly/unpretentious neighborhood jazz club, even if the place is a work in progress because they don't have million-dollar investors. Too bad (for you) that you are unable to look past the facade.

Your posts scream self-righteous snobbery. I don't think HR-57 is dragging down the value of your house--the one you no doubt fixed up in a selfless spirit of charity towards your neighbors.

Alan Page said...

I keep meaning to stop by HR-57 to try the waffles on a weekend morning, but somehow always get foiled by circumstances. I'll make it one of these days...

poo poo said...

it does look crappy, but it's not looking for "new" customers, so it doesn't need to dress up. i think that's the point.

but yeah, it could look nicer, but then you'd get all the kids coming in and spending money.... we DON'T want that!