Tuesday, July 30, 2013

An Incident on the X2

The following email was sent out on local email lists seeking information regarding, or pictures of, the encounter described below. Were you on the bus when this happened?

On the 29th at approximately 11:45PM on the X2, traveling toward Minnesota Avenue my friend was punched by a stranger. The suspect, spit on the lady next to my friend and then punched my friend. This was done completely unprovoked as my friend had not even spoken to the suspect. The man also physically assaulted several individuals while exiting the bus and proceeded to pace at the stop after exiting. This occurred while the bus was stopped at the 8th and H stop. The suspect was last seen walking east on H between 10th and 11th.

The man who assaulted my friend was about 6 foot, African-American, in his 30s and was wearing a black shirt and a Dallas Cowboys hat.

Neither of us was able to get a photo of the individual. If any of you we're riding on the bus or know somebody that was and has additional information. Please get in contact with me. My email address is ShreeRepsNE[at]gmail.com.

Please share this widely. There is no reason for this kind of thing to occur and for people to feel and be unsafe in our neighborhood.

Thank you,



Come on now said...

"No reason for this to occur"? It's the X2.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, 30's black male wearing a cowboys hat describes just about everyone who loiters on H street during the day and rides the X2.

Anonymous said...

That intersection at 8th and H always has a seedy element. All of those people loitering around there....

pat said...

sounds like the same whacky guy I saw being arrested on the X2 May 29th.

The X2 is the jerry springer line and if Metro and MPD can't get some undercovers on board
this line, someday somebody is going to get killed.

pat said...

tonight some people were out shooting at each other and a stray bullet hit the X2.

Fortunately no casualties, but Metro Police will
be working the case.

Anonymous said...

If you were on the bus, report it to the police. They will then involve metro police. Hopefully a camera on the bus was a) working and b) caught the aggressor on tape.