Wednesday, July 31, 2013

FBI Shuts Down/Raids Marvelous Pizza

H Street's Marvelous Pizza (which wasn't all that Marvelous, at least after they changed ownership) was shut down today. MPD stood guard outside as federal agents boxed up and removed papers from the establishment.

This was first reported by the neighborhood blog Titan of Trinidad via Twitter.

DCist has the full story on what turned out to be an FBI raid related to multiple charges.


pat said...

And there I was hoping it was Marvelous Cocaine distribution :-)

Sounds like the FBI chasing after small fish in real estate fraud.

not that he isn't a bum, but, they should just ask him to plead guilty and bust the big dogs.

4th and G said...

via DCist: "Atef Ben Amor Amri, and five other associates 'fraudulently obtained $3,000,000 through various schemes.'"

Looks like there was a lot of dough running through that pizza joint! Ba dum dum!

Anonymous said...

Finally some white collar crime! I feel like going from violent muggings to mortgage fraud is really a turning point for our neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Looks like he owns another pizza joint in Annandale:

Anonymous said...

obviously, they never even had there menu board finished
also, who would eat there terrible pizza when 7-11 is right there with better tasting fresher pizza for 1$ a slice

Anonymous said...

Their, not there.

TB said...

The way the used cheddar on their pizza was criminal