Sunday, July 07, 2013

Missing Child: Michael Kingsbury

 A 7 year old autistic boy (he is non-verbal) named Michael Kingsbury walked out of a house this morning in the 1700 block of West Virginia Ave. He was last seen around 9-9:30am. He is 4'3" tall, and weighs about 60 pounds. He has dreadlocks, and was last seen wearing a red pull-up. He may be in need of medical attention. Please call 911 if you see him. BOmkk4BCYAA8bEk

According to Tom Roussey of ABC7, Kingbury was last seen in the alley behind his house. Roussey tweeted a pic of bloodhounds used in the search for the missing boy. Neighbors had reported that MPD did a house to house canvas on West Virginia earlier this evening. Please keep your eyes open, and Michael in your thoughts and prayers.


Alan Page said...

According to DC's Sex Offender Registry, sex offender Romez Hancock lives in the 1700 block of West Viginia. His offense? Misdemeanor sexual abuse against a minor.

I hope the police are following up with Mr. Hancock as a possible suspect.

Best case scenario: the kid wandered off and will be found somewhere in the neighborhood. He's pretty young and pretty small. If he wasn't abducted, he couldn't have walked very far.

Alan Page said...

Mr. Hancock's victim was 11 and was a stranger.


Anonymous said...

Sad update:
Sources: 7-year-old autistic child Michael Kingsbury found dead in car near family's home

RIP, Michael.

Anonymous said...

Alan: if you have some information that links the person you refer to with this tragedy, you should call the police immediately and make sure they have it.

4timesblessed said...

He was NOT non verbal

inked said...

4timesblessed ,
You are correct, but that's what early reports said. I reported the best info I had at the time.