Tuesday, August 27, 2013

GOG: Union Market Gets a Fishmonger

Fishmonger by Furya
Fishmonger, a photo by Furya on Flickr
The Going Out Gurus have the scoop on the new fishmonger headed to Union Market. From the article:
[T]he District Fishwife, a 440-square-foot seafood market and cafe that will deal in sustainable fish. Lewis is expected to sell locally sourced products — rockfish, blue crabs, oysters — while working with distributors and wholesalers to find sustainably caught tuna, wild salmon and sustainably farmed barramundi. She also wants to push small, oily fish.

 They will also serve some prepared foods.


Anonymous said...

Why is it that most words/things that start with "fish" sound disgusting?

I mean, fish taco is ok. Fishmonger, fishwife. WTF is a fishwife? I know I dont want one for several reasons. Mainly because it evokes a woman who (insert sense besides "sounds") like fish.

Even "monger" has negative connotations.

I would think people who deal in stinky-ass, quick-to-rot goods would try to sound more appealing

inked said...

Both fishmonger & fishwife are pretty traditional. The wife part doesn't actually wife, but rather woman (it's an archaic usage dating way back to ye old English). Think alewife, ect.

BTW, if the "fresh" fish you've been sniffing actually stinks, it probably isn't that fresh.

Negative in uses such are rumor-monger, or war-monger? Because I think it just means one who deals (i.e. sells) in a certain type of goods.

Anonymous said...

These comments are hilarious!

pat said...

IronMonger always has some flavor

monkeyrotica said...

While "cockmonger" leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Literally. Also figuratively.