Friday, September 06, 2013

Friday Night Dogs & Beers at Union Market

Friday nights are the perfect time to to visit Union Market (1309 5th Street). They've got an old school airstream serving up cold beers and icy cocktails. Order one of several gourmet hotdogs from Red Apron Butcher, and celebrate the last nights of summer. See a pic of the setup here.


Tom A. said...

Do they discounts for the 99 percent?

7 bucks for a hot dog from a stand is kinda ridiculous- but if they can get rich off this model- more power to them.

V+ said...

A good idea indeed, and was cool to run into you there!

I felt like I was meeting the Walter Cronkite of Northeast DC neighborhood bloggers!

inked said...

Nice seeing you too! We had a great time. Perfect weather, great food and drink, and wonderful early 80s music. Very chill scene.

Tom A.,
I had the Pain Train hotdog with Thai inspired slaw. It was as filling as a sandwich, and better than most sandwiches I've eaten. Probably the best hotdog I've ever had.

Morrisey said...

Meat is still murder.

Anonymous said...

It's not uncommon to see a gourmet National Hebrew run $5 these days, so the Red Apron price is reasonable.