Thursday, September 12, 2013

Guest Post: 8th&H Furniture & Mattress

The following is a slightly edited guest piece by local resident Alan Page. It builds a bit on a mention of the store in my H Street Life column in the Hill Rag (available now in a newspaper box near you). Photos by Alan Page. Sorry the photos look a tad funky. Flickr is acting up today, so we're going with plan B.

8th&H Furniture & Mattress is a new furniture store that just opened at 801-A H Street NE, better known by H Street area residents as the former home of Sports Zone. It's located in the prime 8th & H corner location of the H Street Connection strip mall (close to bus stops for the X2, 90/92, & 96 buses). 8th&H Furniture has a modern flair and prices in the $100-$300 range for colorful table sets and other eclectic items, in addition to more standard fare such as mattresses and bookcases. The store is affiliated with Furniture Company Outlet, which sold more furniture per square foot than any company in America in 2006, according to recent reporting by The Hill Rag. The Hill Rag piece goes on to mention that soon 8th&H Furniture & Mattress will introduce a line of American-made, painted vintage furniture. A representative of the shop was quoted in the Hill Rag as saying that he believes there is a “chic and stylish clientele” along H Street NE that will welcome their shop.

Although 8th&H Furniture does not have a web presence other than a Twitter account, you can view their inventory online at the site for their parent company Coaster Furniture. You can, of course, always stop by 801 H Street to view what they have for sale in person. For those who wonder how the opening of this new store affects the timeline for Rappaport's planned demolition of the H Street Connection, the store only has a short multi-year lease, which may renew once the Rappaport development has been built. I think they would make a great ground floor tenant for any development Rappaport builds. All the new tenants in the residential portion of the Rappaport development will certainly be able to use 8th & H Furniture to deck our their new digs. That's all in the future, though. Don't wait 3-4 years, go on down and check out 8th&H Furniture & Mattress now to find something to liven up your home!
I think Alan's piece is spot on. This place offers some slightly funky pieces in a variety of styles. It's a great option for 20/30 somethings looking to affordably outfit their place with pieces that have a bit of personality. I also like that they offer mattresses. That's something new on H Street, although there may be one other store where you can purchase orthopedic mattresses (I'm not totally sure if the other place sells full mattresses, or just accessories).


Anonymous said...

I need a new couch, so I will check this place out. What ever happened to the place that was suppose to open the 1400 block of H? Visionary???

Anonymous said...

I was expecting lots of tacky furniture but they have quite a few pieces that are understated and chic. The quality seems decent but I would have to test them out. Looking forward to the American made line too.

Anonymous said...

In this neighborhood there is always a mattress laying in the curb somewhere. Why pay for it when the street provides....?