Friday, September 20, 2013

1365 H Street to Open for H Street Festival

The H Street Playhouse has moved to Anacostia, but the old theater space will open for the festival

I got a note indicating that the former H Street Playhouse space (which will NOT become a Yes! Organic) will be open to the public during the festival. The building owners will be serving food and drink on the patio, opening the front lounge for those who need a break from the outdoors (perfect if it rains), and welcoming four bands for a post-festival party. Non-alcoholic drinks are available, including organic milk and juice boxes for kids. They will also have kid friendly snacks. Read the note below: Folks,

We're opening up the former H Street Playhouse for the H Street Festival this Saturday for a day of fun and an exciting evening of local live music!

Our huge outdoor beer garden/patio will be close to the stage in the 1300 block and will provide an excellent view of the on stage entertainment, fantastic people watching and the opportunity to enjoy a frothy malt beverage. Hungry? Local favorite, 13th Street Meats, will be serving half smokes, sausages and what-not to assuage your appetites.

For those who want to get out of the fray on the street, the front lounge will be open during the festival to provide a place to cool your heels and view the action through our large storefront windows. We will have tables and chairs for those with worn out feet or who want to sit and eat. Children and pets welcome.

The festival starts at noon and runs until 7:00 pm. However, just because the festival wraps up doesn't mean the fun has to stop. We're opening up our ginormous main theater space in the evening and have arranged for four...yes you heard that right!...four, awesome, local bands to entertain you. Here's the musical line up:

6-7 pm - Ballad've (Folk) 7:30-8:30 pm - The Side Dish w/Special Guest (Rock) 9-10pm - The Mavins (Modern Acoustic Rock) 10:30-11:30 - Free Lobster Buffet (Ska)
There is no cover charge for the entertainment (but we do ask you to help us defray the costs by purchasing something to eat and drink).

The beverage service, curated by Frank from Sova and Tony T from the Pug is designed with the craft beer connoisseur in mind, again with an emphasis on regionally produced product. Draft beer on tap will include offerings by Heavy Seas (Baltimore), Atlas (DC), Union Craft Brewing (Baltimore), and Narragansett (Rhode Island - ok, not local but whatever...). We will also have Natty Boh and Premium (originally Baltimore...still is in spirit). Wine and non alcoholic options will be available as well, along with kid friendly options (organic milk boxes, 100% juice juice boxes and kid snacks).

Come check us out on Saturday, September 21st, noon to 11 pm. We're located at 1365 H Street NE.

Happy H Street Festival!


Tom A. said...

Ummm, who is "they?" The owners of the building that basically evicted the Playhouse by jacking up the rent to a point that they were forced to move?

This note makes it sound that the Playhouse is doing this, rather than a landlord with a big vacant building who is looking to cash in on the festival. There's nothing wrong with that, but I'd like to know if I'm spending my money to support an arts organization or a private business. I plan on spending my money at the Atlas theater cafe, and at some of the existing businesses that I enjoy on H street.

inked said...

Tom A.
Fair point. I rewrote a couple of things. Better?

Tom A. said...

You rock, as always!

h st ll said...

Inked stays with a positive attitude.

Glad they are using the building for something during the fest... hopefully it gets leased soon.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that the Salvation Army is gone.