Thursday, September 26, 2013

Local Links Round Up

Chupacabra tacos

US Today gave a cheap eats nod to Chupacabra, and Taylor Gourmet. It's amazing that Taylor now has eight locations. It all started right here on H Street.

Elevation DC covers the construction of a series of 26 new Rosedale residences that incorporate solar power. The development is known as 17 Solar, and is located at 401-417 17th Street.

The Washington Post covers anti-war sentiment appearing below local stop signs.

Local blog District Cuisine confirms that Tru Orleans is closed for good.

Urban Daddy has a short blurb on Da Luft.

Eater reports on new developments that might make it a little easier to snag a seat at Granville Moore's.


Anonymous said...

Chupacabra is not cheap since you need 4 of them tacos to make a meal and that is 12$ for a meal not even with a drink. And they still have that terrible riot fence up.

Anonymous said...

and tiny cup of guacamole is like 5 bucks. There are several cheaper and better taco places in Columbia Heights and NW.

Anonymous said...

What's with the tacky riot fence?

Makes it look like customers are being confined. No class.

Anonymous said...

Need 4 tacos there to make a meal? Jeebus. This is why America is so fat.