Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sunset Popup Party Tonight at The Lot at Union Kitchen

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 5.34.29 AM
Brendan Tierney (Virginia),  1110 Congress St. NE (at 3rd & L)

The Mural Project has brought four new murals to DC, and two of them are right here in our own backyard. One is at the Lot at 3rd & L (Union Kitchen), and if you head over there tonight from 6-9pm you can watch the artist complete his work. They will also have a DJ (DJ Lil' Mike), with music and drink for purchase. I'm also told they may be giving out some free Mural Project t-shirts. All artists will be present. Press release after the jump.

The Mural Project has brought four INCREDIBLE artists together in DC! The four famed Heineken bi-cultural artists are creating original large-scale murals inspired by Heineken's "Open Your World" message in murals that will reside in DC indefinitely. For example, DC-based Aniekan felt inspired by DC's own Marvin Gaye and how he opened his world through music and travel.  

The murals will also have QR codes that pedestrians can scan to learn more about the artists and artwork - like a walking gallery. This is a first for DC as well. 

Artists like these, with the likes of EVER and Rubin who have murals all over the globe, don't usually collaborate on city-wide artistic missions as a collective. The Mural Project itself is a very special initiative - DC being one of three cities selected for the project is a testament to DC's growing street art scene as well.

Heineken Mural In Progress - Rubin
Rubin (Brooklyn) 819 6th St. NE (right by the Murry's)

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Campy said...

The event is cancelled tonight due to the weather.