Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Wandering Shoe Launches an indiegogo Campaign

The Wandering Shoe is a new shoe store that hopes to open on H Street. The owner sent in some information on his plans, and you can also check out the campaign.

I'm still hoping for 1427 H street NE... Awesome space inside, but for some crazy reason, Nooshi, the owner, took out the radiators. So, no heating or AC. 

Also, I've started an Indiegogo campaign for $150,000 for the Wandering Shoe... currently I'm about $388,000 short to start. Feel free to share the link. Folks can donate anonymously or take advantage of some perks I've created based on investment size.  Once I get the financials settled and a store going, my next project is called the "Unique You" Foundation.  Basically Unique You is a concept my friend Ursula created, where she envisioned people coming into the Wandering Shoe and they could create a personal style: shoes, belts, scarves, hats, accessories. I am co-opting that and turning it into something better: a charitable arm of TWS, where needy folks, families can come in and receive deeply discounted, brand-new footwear, subsidized by the foundation. I would love if this could spread to clothing stores too. Sometimes having no choice but to accept 2nd hand giveaways can just erode people's self-worth. I'd like to change that.

After my Mom died in October 2005, my Dad did a purge and got rid of every piece of clothing she owned and some of her favorite stuff. I was able to save her favorite pair of shoes, made by Camper. They were the last shoes she could fit in as her feet swelled from her cancer. Like I said, once I get the wandering shoe afloat, I'd like to auction or kickstart those shoes and donate half the proceeds to the American Institute for Cancer research (I know several folks who work there and respect that charity.) The other 50% will go to create The Unique You foundation.


Eric P. said...

This has to be one of the worst indiegogo campaigns I've seen in awhile.

This entire project needs some sort of vision or its not going to go well for him.

shoeguydc said...

Hi Eric. I've updated the campaign to reflect my vision a bit better. Did you have any concrete suggestions that would help as well? I will continue to improve upon it. I was surprised you didn't reach out to me directly.... as quite a few other folks did.

I appreciate your comments, personal and professional growth is important to me.