Thursday, October 10, 2013

Do You Know this Cat?

A reader writes in with news of a possibly lost cat that recently began hanging around her place:

The cat in the photo started hanging out on 14th Place about a week ago.  She has a collar, but no tags and is very friendly.  The owner should come get her.  She'll probably be sitting on someone's porch.


Anonymous said...

I live on 15th st. I believe this is the cat, we call neighberhood cat. I believe he belongs to the guy who live in the first house next to checkers on G. He just lets them roam the streets. Cat is very friendly, and will meow for food to anyone. You can pick him up to and pet him.

Anonymous said...

There are also two stray kittens living near the Checkers, potentially offspring of a domesticated cat. They're old enough to fend for themselves but also not so old that they couldn't still be domesticated if adopted!