Thursday, October 03, 2013

Probably the Earliest Photo I Shot of H Street


This is picture of the 1000 block of H Street during the big snow storm that shut down much of the city for several days in 2003. While main roads like H Street were largely clear, side streets remained impassible for a long time. I remember that it snowed quickly and heavily. Believe it or not, the X2  was up and running, but I think the trains were down (at least for above ground stations).

I found this photo while I was going through some old files a friend sent me last night. Funny, I actually thought Ahmad's was gone by then.


Here's a photo of the same block in 2010. This was taken just before the Atlas Room opened. I can't believe it's been three years already. Check out all the construction and that orange "H." Many of those "H" planters were relocated to the Hyattsville Arts District, but you can still spot a few around the neighborhood. I think I can identify at least three in a one block radius of my house.


G.R.R. said...

more posts like this please. it's awesome to see the changes.

inked said...

Yeah I was thinking about that this morning. I've been shooting photos of the area for around ten years now, and we've seen tremendous change in that time.

Alan Page said...

The year I moved to the (H)ood!


Wish I took more photos!

Anonymous said...

That snowstorm was a blast! Had a great time in the neighborhood. Hope it happens again this winter.

g said...

Metro worked underground, walked in middle of street to Union Station from 15th ST NE, and visted friend that were around the Redline.