Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Progress at Po Boy Jim

As you can see from the above tweet sent out by @HStreetLandlord, we are finally seeing a little action at Po Boy Jim (709 H Street).


pat said...

i remember last spring they were building out,
what happened to delay things so much

h st ll said...

Good question Pat.

Also, with those commercial bays/bump outs/ whatever it could be a beautiful store front. Let's hope so!

Anonymous said...

What's it gonna be? Details please!

inked said...

Po Boy Jim is a restaurant that will serve po boy sandwiches. There's a link to a preview of the place in the original post.

h st ll said...

I'm pretty excited for them to open based on my eating of one of their poboys at the H St Fest.

The good:
high quality seafood, and the batter it was fried in had a lot of flavor (a big issue in DC where its bland);
N.O. bread

The bad:
Price a bit high for amount of food (this is a city wide issue);
Dressed wrong (not sure why people do this in DC)

Anonymous said...

I hope they have really, really good food in which case I will forgive mfugly which is as kind as I can be about their "renovation" efforts to date.
Plexiglass bump outs on upper floor windows are already scarred by weathering. Just poor quality there and all around.
Appears to be an under-capitalized business being started by amateurs.
God bless 'em. They need all the help they can get.

h st ll said...

^^^ I agree its not the highest end renovation in town, but I am excited that a building is coming back in to use. I walked by there today and they have the framing up for buildouts so they can add glass. And they are working more on the inside. Still a lot to do though!