Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Share Your Ideas on a New Playground at Sherwood Rec 11/5

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Sherwood Recreation Center is located at 640 10th Street in Ward 6. There is currently no playground at Sherwood Recreation Center. A new playground will be constructed at Sherwood which will also be used by neighboring School-Within-School.

First community meeting: Design meeting - November 5, 2013, 7-8:30pm, Sherwood Recreation Center, 640 10th Street
Construction start date: Anticipated Spring 2014

Read more about the Play DC Playground Improvement Initiative here.


grr said...


Anonymous said...

Where exactly would the playground go? I would hate to lose the tennis courts, the garden, the basketball court, the track or the field within the track (and I have young children). would they simply expand SWS's playground or use part of the parking lot?

SWS Parent said...

I am an SWS parent and we were told at a school meeting that the planned site for the playground would be on part of the parking lot. How much of the parking lot would be used, has not yet been decided.

Anonymous said...

when are the police going to run the "hanging under the tree crew" off?

Neighbor said...

I second getting rid of the 'under the tree crew'. A big help would be to create a busy, well used play space. I really hope they use the weird, unused 'racetrack' space for the playground, as well as part of the parking lot. With 3 boys, I scour the DC parks website monthly, searching in vain for some kind of activity at Sherwood rec. Nothing nothing nothing. Sherwood rec has to be the most underutilized facility in the city.